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Procrastination Cure Club FAQs

3 times per month you will receive new video and audio content. The videos are special brain training videos which works for both conscious learning and unconscious, subliminal learning, lighting up multiple parts of the brain so that the tools can go in deeply, and create unconscious competence. In addition, as a Club member, you will receive the monthly Live Group Coaching Call, as well as the ability to play the ‘No Regret Living’ Game, where we Install Success on Auto-Pilot! New games begin 4x per year, and cash prizes are awarded at the completion of each game.

The Procrastination Cure Club is a monthly subscription service. When you join, your credit card will immediately be charged $97. You will be charged again for $97 one month later, and then again every month for the duration of your membership.

No. You are free to cancel your membership at any time.

YES. In order to join, you must first get the current version of the Procrastination Cure Kit which is the complete 7 Step system. The PCure Kit is all multi-media downloadable material. Go here to get those details.

The Procrastination Cure Club is a premier, fast-moving community of people who are in momentum, and who are actively pursuing their biggest dreams and goals. Each member has already learned, and is practicing, the entire 7 Step Procrastination Cure System. We require that each person obtain the system FIRST, so that the quality of the questions inside the community stays at that fast, advanced level. Everything you need to know to get going is available in the kits, and this pre-requisite keeps the community conversation level advanced, without having to continually address beginning questions of people who have just joined.

Yes. All subscriptions and payments are processed through Stripe.com and are 100% secure.

Wendy is available to answer questions during our monthly, Club Live Q&A call. You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance, or sometimes ask them live, on the call. During these calls, she does her best to get to as many questions as time will allow. While Wendy does not “coach by email,” she does occasionally provide extra classes that covers your questions, offers new insights and tools for you to enjoy. These benefits are only for club members.

You have full access to the special brain training videos, the live monthly call recordings, and all other content released inside the membership during the active months of your membership. However, if you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access that content.

We are here to serve you. If you have further questions that have not been addressed here, please contact us at our help desk here: Wendy@WendyHartCoaching.com.

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